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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Surveying the Land

Being neither an architect nor a surveyor, this part is pretty challenging. There are nine major areas that I would like to develop on our island. BTW - I really, really dislike having to write "I" this and "I" that. But, my avatar is currently the only one on the island and "I" am by myself (like the Tom Hanks and the volleyball stuck on the deserted island movie) until we get some students in here to help out. Those nine areas (you may look at the mind map previously posted) are:

Teleport Hub
Orientation Area
Student Center
Exhibition Area
Biology Area Kinesiology Area

To help with my spacial awareness, I rezzed nine 30m x 30m floating platforms and placed them roughly above where each of those keys areas could be located:

I first started on a 45-seat amphitheatre. In order to save prims (each 256m x 256m sim such as Hatters Island is allotted a total of 15,000 primatives, the shapes that we use to build, well, everything) I have taken into consideration advice from Kim Anubis (on the Main Grid); terraform and landscape. So before trying to carve out 45 seats in the side of the mountain, I have laid out their approximate positions with thin plywood cylinders:

The trick is ensuring that the seats will be laid out not only so the avatars may have an unobstructed view, but also so that the camera view is not embedded in the seat behind. More on that next post...I need to get back to work...

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