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Saturday, July 26, 2008

1st day on Hatters Island

Here are some picts and video of Hatters Island:

Here is a plan view (North is on the right):

Elevation viewed from the East:

Elevation from the North:

Elevation from the South:

Elevation from the West:

Video fly-by:

Island tour:

Island views:

These videos were taken with Smart Board Notebook software, not quite machinima quality, but they get the point across...


C.D. said...

Congrats on your move! Exciting...and lonely until the kids come in-world. You say Lewis and Clark? I feel like Frankenstein's Creature roaming the world looking for others like me :)!

I, too, am keeping a blog (and we chose the same template, although you've added more bells and whistles than I have so far). My district and others over me want a narrative of what I'm doing, so I decided a blog would be good for them...and for me. I took Ramapo Islands as my guide and jumped in. If you'd like to take a look, you can find it here: http://vwexplorations.blogspot.com/

Welcome to the Teen Grid (waving from my own set of islands elsewhere on the same grid)

Chris Baker said...

Thanks for the welcome (waving right back...). Yeah, it is a little creepy being the only one on the island. I'm not used to that! I am happy to add to the blog rolls; I hope this helps others.

eileen said...

Great work - I am in teacher ed and am bringing my preservice and first year teachers into SL for some of my online courses with them. Since they are still in the "panic" part of teaching, I am going a little light on SL (hey, I am just learning it myself) but I want them to be teachers like you who will want to venture into this space. The blog is a great idea. I have been keeping a ergst blog on my computer but maybe I need to go public like you have.

Best of luck. Maybe we can work together on some projects in the future.

Chris Baker said...

Thanks Eileen. I really jumped into this feet-first; I entered SL September 2007. I had never blogged before or even knew what a tag was. I wanted others in our district, as well as others across the world, to be able to follow along our SL journey. Maybe they would start to understand what MUVEs are all about (from an eduction perspective) and become less intimidated. As far as the blog, our technology coach (our science department chair also helps us integrate technology into our classrooms) exposed us to social bookmarking. So, I decided to blog and share my del.icio.us links and tags. Thanks again for the well wishes.

dennis said...

I can't wait to create my avatar and get to Hatters Island....Can I be the principal there too :)

Chris Baker said...

Funny you should mention...a few months back there was a listserv posting from a principal who started a "Coffee with the Pricipal" open-door office hours type thing with parents (all within SL). Although there were not many participants, those parents that logged into SL to chat with the principal were very enthusiastic.