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Sunday, June 1, 2008

I just want hot dog rolls!

I received a request for help from a K-12 teacher over the weekend regarding how to purchase an island on the TG. She seemed a bit overwhelmed at the amount of material and resources out there on SL. I agree. At times I am not sure where to start. It's like going to the grocery store to get a pack of hot dog rolls; there are a myriad of choices to select from.

Here is my step-by-step take on how to get started purchasing an island on the TG for educational purposes...

Go to http://secondlifegrid.net/programs/education.

This site has some good education and SL resources, including the link to order an island with the educators discount: http://specialorders.secondlife.com/

Scroll down to “Island Set Up Fee (Educational/Non-Profit Discount)

Click on the hyperlink.
Pick an island name.
Select Teen Grid from the drop-down menu.
Select an island shape (1-4).
Enter your av name.
Choose your payment cycle.
Enter your institution name.
Enter your entity type.
Enter your tax ID# (ask the accounting folks in your district).
Enter the expected use for your island.
Click “Buy”.
Click “Proceed to Checkout”.
Enter your New Customer Registration Information.

Follow the prompts and await your confirmation email with further directions.

You will be required to provide proof of proper clearances (criminal history, etc...) before your island is processed.

Once proof is received by Linden Labs, then they will send your district an invoice.

Your district then can write out the PO with the exact amount due etc...

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